Jiahao Li

I am a PhD student at TTIC advised by Greg Shakhnarovich in the PALS Lab. I primarily work on 3D computer vision, generative modeling, and vision language models.

Before coming to TTIC, I received my Master of Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, advised by Ayan Chakrabarti. I got my Bachelor of Mathematics from Sun Yat-sen University. I have interned at Adobe, Meta Reality Labs and Megvii.

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Score Jacobian Chaining: Lifting Pretrained 2D Diffusion Models for 3D Generation
Haochen Wang*, Xiaodan Du*, Jiahao Li*, Raymond A. Yeh, Greg Shakhnarovich,
project page / arXiv / code
CVPR 2023

Generating 3D objects from 2D diffusion models by chaining scores with NeRF gradients.

Adapting CLIP For Phrase Localization Without Further Training
Jiahao Li, Greg Shakhnarovich, Raymond A. Yeh
arXiv / code

We do phrase localization by exploiting the ViT architecture of CLIP without extra training.

Iterative Distance-Aware Similarity Matrix Convolution with Mutual-Supervised Point Elimination for Efficient Point Cloud Registration
Jiahao Li, Changhao Zhang, Ziyao Xu, Hangning Zhou, Chi Zhang
arXiv / code
ECCV 2020

A deep learning based point cloud registration pipeline.

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